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3のall-you-can-eat dataって何ぞ?

All-You-Can-Eat Dataによると…

1. The only network to offer All-You-Can-Eat internet
2. No more unexpected data costs
3. Watch videos, download apps, music or e-books, read your email and upload photos, all without ever having to worry about the end-of-the-month bill!

If you're interested in getting yourself a smartphone, you'll be pleased to hear that Three now offer All-You-Can-Eat data on even more tariffs, including Text and Talk tariffs and the One Plan!

Get All-You-Can-Eat Data on the One Plan, or now on selected Text and Talk tariffs for an increased monthly cost, to enjoy a truly uncapped data experience. With All-You-Can-Eat data on the One Plan, you can even tether your laptop to your 3 phone (provided it has this capability) to get laptop internet on the go!*

No more "limited usage" or even "fair usage" policy!

Some networks have been massively reducing the amount of data their customers are allowed to use on their tariffs recently, to as little as 500MB or even 250MB. Three have taken a step in the opposite direction: All-You-Can-Eat means All-You-Can-Eat. You wont be charged for your data, no matter how much internet you use on your phone. No unexpected charges, no hassle! However, you cannot use your phone SIM in another device. If you do, you will be charged for the data used as per out of bundle charges.

Award-winning Coverage

Get double the peace of mind with 3 - not only will you get All-You-Can-Eat data, but you'll also be getting award-winning 3G coverage! Three came first in the YouGov Smartphone Mobile Internet Experience report, and the YouGov iPhone survey, as the number one network in the UK for speed and value.

Existing 3 Customers can get All You Can Eat Data too!

You can upgrade your current 3 contract to all you can eat Internet for £3 a month, so you don't have to lose out on all that lovely data!

*Tethering is only permitted on the One Plan. Tethering is not permitted on Text and Talk All-You-Can-Eat Tariffs.



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